Are there any requirements or fees for membership?

Membership is open to everyone who has a genuine interest in supporting Black professionals. There’s no required fee membership. Yes, it’s free!

I’ve seen similar websites, what makes Blackness and the Workplace different?

Blackness and the Workplace is more than a directory or resource library, it’s a network building platform focused on Black professionals. We aim to provide opportunities to make connections and link you to resources related to professional success and guidance.

Why do I need to be a member to access The Tea Room?

We want to protect the integrity of our community as well as protect our members so that they may be free to talk about their experiences without fear of harassment. 

What about my private information?

We don't share our members' information.

I want to submit an article for publication on the blog?

Information on how to submit an article is here.

Can I advertise on Blackness and the Workplace?

To discuss advertisement opportunities, contact us at contact@blacknessandtheworkplace.com

How can I support Black-owned businesses during COVID?

Black-owned businesses have been hit hard during this crisis. We will be providing resources to our members and support one another. Please continue to check our resources page for updated information.

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