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How Black Professionals Are Moving in 2023

There is no other way to say it, Black professionals are moving differently in 2023!

We have to.


The reason is many but for us here at Blackness and the Workplace, we saw how companies went out of their way to (superficially) acknowledge our pain but then refused to do the real work when it came to addressing toxic workplaces and DEI initiatives.

And then 2021 and 2022 came and the following started to happen:

  • DEI professionals quitting due to systemic barriers their companies were unwilling or unable to remove

  • Companies slashing budgets of DEI departments

  • Layoffs in industries (such as tech) that desperately their issues of diversity addressed

  • Employee burnout

  • Corporate backlash towards the growing employee empowerment movement

Moving into 2023, it’s going to be important for Black professionals to:

Communicate Our Needs: Our leaders and organizations need to know what you need, why it’s important, and what will happen when those needs are being met.

Set Boundaries: Learn to be okay with telling folks what you will or will not tolerate and how you want to be treated. Be clear and consistent and enforce your boundaries!

Put Ourselves First: If a job is no longer working out or if you find a better job, move on! Your career matters and it’s okay to leave anything (or anyone) who no longer serves you.

Lastly, Black professionals are networking with each other more than ever and this will be even more important going into the new year. Check out our collaborations page to learn more!

Blackness and the Workplace will be here for support in 2023 and onward!

Happy New Year!

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