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Rebuilding Black Wall Street

Today is the start of our miniseries, Rebuilding Black Wall Street, which aims to educate, uplift, and inspire our listeners on the topic of understanding credit, the importance of a budget, redefining wealth, and the challenges that face Black-owned businesses.

Why Did We Produce this Series?

  1. To Educate: Many people are completely unaware of the importance of basic financial concepts, like credit or how to live within or (even better) under your means. Our series strives to provide this knowledge. For example, we discuss credit and the impact that a negative credit score can have on a person's ability to rent an apartment, buy a car, or even get a job.

  2. To Redefine: We talk about and assess the idea of wealth. What is it and what does it mean to achieve it? Hint, it isn’t always about money. Wealth is knowledge, and knowledge is power. We share ways that we can reexamine our views on wealth to equip both ourselves and our families for success.

  3. To Uplift: Financial education can be overwhelming, and at times feel almost impossible to understand and achieve. To that, we have designed the series to be a positive reaffirmation, one that is both accessible and easy to understand.

Why Does Financial Empower Matter?

The answer is simple: money is power. Money talks. Money builds equity and equity leads to equality and of course, leads to wealth and freedom. On a more personal level, people who both understand money and have a healthy respect for money and you (i.e. living below your means and budgeting properly), can set you up for success.

If the pandemic has taught anything in 2020, it’s that t many people are living beyond their means. It’s time to stop, educate, and inspire.

We hope to accomplish this through the mini-series.

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