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When to Walk Away From Your Job

Like the food in your refrigerator, your job has an expiration date. It may be a few months or a few years, but eventually, the desire to move on is going to creep up. So, you need to be open to the very real possibility of moving on.

If you follow me on LinkedIn or my blog, you already know I talk about the “right to work” and the impact it has on the workplace. To put it simply, every job in a sense is contracted and I always urge people to never get too comfortable. A job can start today and end tomorrow.

However, I have never addressed another scenario, walking away from a job that you actually like, and why you should. Now I should say, if a job is meeting your needs (everyone’s needs are different) then jumping ship may seem strange, BUT don’t ignore your gut either. Often, people can innately sense when a job is running out of steam only to find themselves starting from loving a job to hating it. And by hating it, I mean feeling trapped and resentful which can and WILL start to impact your job.

To be honest, if you are starting a new job, then within six months you should be asking these questions and evaluating again at least every six months. Constant re-calibration and realigning are key when it comes to maintaining your job fit.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Is this role a good fit for me at this stage in my career?

  2. What are my future goals? Does my current position still fit with these goals?

  3. Do I see myself advancing further in this particular role or company?

  4. Am I learning new skills? Am I working on projects that will further my development?

  5. Is my manager still taking the time to invest in me and my development?

  6. Are there both internal and external opportunities to grow my skills in this position or company?

  7. What does the outlook of the company look like? By outlook, I mean is the company fiscally healthy? Are they growing? How often is the company restructuring and laying people off?

Yes, working at a job where you love your co-workers, great manager, and the perks is what we all strive for and still, so many never achieve. But, I would argue if your job isn’t moving the needle or has stalled you, then it’s time to start making some hard decisions.

As a professional, the last thing you want to do is to become stagnant or complacent in your career as continuous learning is one of the keys to employability and success.

Stay alert and always be ready to move on.

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