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Blackness and the Workplace want to amplify the voices and talents of Black professionals and the written word is a great way to do this!

Our content is tailored towards addressing the needs of Black Professionals both inside and outside the workplace. Take a look at our current blog to get a better sense of the content we produce.


However, we want to open the floor to those with diverse experiences and knowledge to help our followers grow and thrive! So please consider sharing if you feel you can positively contribute to our mission! 

The following content will have a greater chance of being published on our site:

  • The Black experience (including LGBTQ) at work

  • Tech /STEM Industry 

  • Self-help/Self Care

  • Career Advice (from entry-level to professional) 

Submission Requirements (subject to change)

  • Submissions are voluntary only!

  • Work must be original. Please no stealing of other people's ideas or work! 

  • Submit using the form below. Copy and paste your article into the text box below.

  • We want to hear from everyone regardless of their years of experience. So college students, interns, and seasoned professionals are encouraged to submit.

  • No profanity!

  • No disrespectful or obscene content will be published!

  • We will only consider completed and edited articles that are between 500 to 800 words. So please keep it concise and to the point)

  • Timely and relevant information will be considered.

  • Submission does not equal publication. If we are interested in publishing, we will follow up.

  • Published articles will be promoted on our social media channels! 

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